Thursday, December 10, 2015

Graduation isn't the end...

As an Ag teacher, we invest so much in our students and consistently push them so much so that a special bond is formed. My students trust me whole-heartedly. After several years of challenging activities, students begin to see that their teacher isn't just a crazy person with attention to detail and a strange love of learning, they see the person who wants them to improve. 

Yesterday, a recent graduate sent me a text during my lunch asking for help on a school problem. The student beautifully typed the background information I needed, typed the story-type problem and what she had set up already. Awesome. I quickly responded with give me a minute, as I pulled my freshly microwaved lunch from the microwave. I flipped through a text and found what I needed then responded. While trying to consume my precious leftovers, I would ask questions and make suggestions. I felt she had what she needed and wished her luck as I had two minutes left of the fleeting 20 minute lunch period. Sweet! Just enough time to hit the restroom before 6th period.

This is what we do. We guide, direct, and respond when called upon. Why? We've committed our lives to their lives. I am forever their teacher, no matter whether or not they are in the classroom with me anymore. This student knows that I want her to succeed. She knows I know her personality, challenges, and expect more from her - forever.